“The Grand Canyon has a natural wonder which is absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.” -Theodore Rosevelt

Grand Canyon National Park Sign
Basic Information

Start Your Journey Right! Know the location and transportation options. Your gateway to adventure begins here.

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A Stone-Built Viewpoint Overlooking The Grand Canyon. As The Sun Sets, Majestic Hues Dance On The Canyon Walls. Perfect For Awe-Inspired Moments.
Activities & Attractions

Find out what activities suit your style. From hiking trails to iconic landmarks, excitement awaits.

Charming Rustic Lodge Nestled Among Trees. A Fusion Of Wooden Architecture And Stone Detailing Beckons Visitors. An Inviting Escape.
Lodging & Amenities

Rest and Recharge! Choose from camping to comfortable lodgings. Don’t miss our guide on essential amenities!

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Backcountry Information Center At Grand Canyon, With Visitors Prepping For Their Adventure. A Serene Setting With Rustic Architecture.
Rules & Regulations

Be a Rule Breaker? Nope! Stay informed with all the park rules. Planning a unique adventure? Check if you need permits.

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Desert View Visitor Center At Grand Canyon, Showcasing Rustic Design. Ideal Starting Point For Panoramic Vistas.
Travel Smart, Stay Safe!

Be prepared with knowledge on local wildlife and trail safety. Keep important emergency contacts at your fingertips.

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Breathtaking Views Of The Grand Canyon Under A Moody Sky. Stunning Geological Formations In Every Glance.
Additional Tips

Maximize Your Experience! Discover the best times to visit and the benefits of guided tours. Unlock hidden gems and make the most of your trip.

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