Stargazing In Glacier National Park
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Top 5 Best Spots for Stargazing In Glacier National Park

Stargazing in Glacier National Park is more than just a leisure activity; it’s a gateway to the cosmos. With roots in science and navigation, it also serves as a form of meditation for some. Glacier National Park, an International Dark Sky Park, offers an unparalleled celestial experience. Explore by yourself or at the Glacier National Park star party. This guide explores the best spots, times, and tips for stargazing in this natural wonderland.

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Why Stargazing in Glacier National Park is Incredible

Glacier National Park stands out as a stargazing sanctuary thanks to its International Dark Sky Park status. This designation ensures a stellar viewing experience, enhanced by the park’s secluded and unspoiled natural setting that minimizes light pollution.

Ideal weather conditions, characterized by clear skies and minimal humidity, offer spectacular views of celestial bodies, including constellations, planets, and occasional meteor showers or satellites. The park’s elevated terrain further enriches this experience, and visitors might even witness the northern lights with a bit of luck.

Stargazing Events In Glacier National Park

Stargazing Event At Logan Pass In Glacier National Park

Staff at Glacier know that people love the stars. For the enjoyment of park visitors, stargazing events are put on at Logan Pass. Although events for the 2023 season are over, watch the 2024 event list. Please check out the Astronomy Programs on the NPS website to find out when these events are happening.

Participation costs $5 per vehicle and runs from 9:30 to midnight. Tickets are available at Glacier National Park Conservancy stores in the St. Mary and Apgar Visitor Centers and, in a limited supply, at Belton Train Station in West Glacier. Please note that if you plan on getting your tickets from the Apgar Visitor Center, you will need Going to the Sun Road passes from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Can You See The Northern Lights In Glacier National Park?

Yes! Glacier National Park is an absolute haven for witnessing the mesmerizing spectacle known as the northern lights. With its pristine dark skies and remote location, this national park provides the perfect backdrop for experiencing this natural wonder. When the conditions align on clear nights, the vibrant colors dance across the sky, creating an unforgettable and awe-inspiring display. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter Glacier National Park and be treated to an extraordinary northern lights show.

Where Is The Best Place to Stargaze In Glacier National Park?

Lake McDonald

Lake Mcdonald Stargazing In Glacier National Park

When it comes to stargazing in Glacier National Park, the experience is unparalleled. With its clear skies and minimal light pollution, this national treasure is a celestial canvas. However, one spot stands out for its sheer brilliance: Lake McDonald.

Best Spot To Go Stargazing At Lake McDonald

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald boasts an environment conducive to stargazing. This huge lake, clear of trees and mountains, is the perfect place to sit back and watch the stars. This stunning locale offers two prime spots for stargazing. Firstly, consider the dock at Apgar Village. This is by far the easiest spot to access. Alternatively, set your sights on the dock at Lake McDonald Lodge if you are staying nearby.

Best Time and Season for Stargazing at Lake McDonald

Obviously, the new moon phase proves ideal here. With the sky at its darkest, the stars pop like diamonds on a velvet canvas. Summer and fall offer the clearest skies, making them the optimal seasons for your stargazing adventure. To find out if you will have a new moon on your trip, check out StarDate.

Tips for Stargazing at Lake McDonald

Certain tips can elevate your experience stargazing at Lake McDonald. Consider a night swim to add a splash of adventure while enjoying the sky’s natural artwork. However, proceed cautiously if you jump in; the water is deceptively shallow. Alternatively, a ladder at the end of the dock is perfect for climbing into the water.

Logan Pass

Logan Pass Stargazing In Glacier National Park

Although challenging to reach, Logan Pass offers an incomparable setting for stargazing. Situated at the summit of Glacier National Park, this location provides an ethereal backdrop for novice and expert stargazers alike.

Best Spot To Go Stargazing At Logan Pass

Perched atop Glacier National Park, Logan Pass presents two unique viewing experiences. For convenience, the Logan Pass parking lot is a fantastic choice. Alternatively, for a more immersive experience, a hike to Hidden Lake offers nature’s theater at its finest, especially during a full moon.

Best Time and Season for Stargazing At Logan Pass

Summer is ideal for this celestial spectacle, specifically when the Going-to-the-Sun Road is accessible. Whether it’s a full moon casting its glow on the landscape or a new moon revealing a sky filled with stars, the scenery here is absolutely breathtaking.

Tips for an Optimal Stargazing Experience at Logan Pass

For the most awe-inspiring views, venture a short distance up the trail from the visitor center. This elevated position not only distances you from potential light pollution but also offers an expansive view of the surrounding mountains.

In summary, Logan Pass may require a bit more effort to access. However, the reward is well worth the journey. Don’t miss this sky-high opportunity for an unforgettable experience stargazing in Glacier National Park.

Many Glacier

Many Glacier Stargazing In Glacier National Park

Situated in the northeast section of Glacier National Park, Many Glacier offers a captivating setting for stargazers. Known for its pristine lakes and rugged mountains, the location is a paradise for celestial observation.

Best Time and Season for Stargazing at Many Glacier

Late spring to early fall is the best window for stargazing at Many Glacier. During these months, the skies are typically clearer, and the park’s roads are more accessible. Interestingly, September often brings crisp, clear nights ideal for stargazing.

Tips for Optimal Stargazing Experience at Many Glacier

For unparalleled views, consider heading towards Swiftcurrent Lake. This spot provides a flat terrain and an open sky view, minimizing light pollution. Packing a telescope? Several serene locations around the lake make perfect set-up spots.

Additionally, make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out. A cloudless night is essential for the most rewarding stargazing experience. Lastly, don’t forget to bring some insect repellent; you’ll thank yourself later!

In summary, Many Glacier is an underappreciated gem for stargazing in Glacier National Park. While not as elevated as Logan Pass, its tranquil lakes and clear skies create an equally memorable stargazing experience. If you’re already in Glacier National Park, this location is a must-visit for night sky enthusiasts.

St. Mary Lake

St. Mary Lake Stargazing In Glacier National Park

Best Spot at St. Mary Lake

Sunpoint is a sizable rocky outcrop that sits about 100 feet above the shores of St. Mary Lake. Its location offers a panoramic view of the lake while maintaining an unobstructed skyward view, making it a prime location for stargazing.

Best Time and Season for Stargazing at St. Mary Lake

Although summer nights are warm and inviting, autumn offers crisp, clear skies that many stargazers covet. Consequently, the location shines brightest during these two seasons.

Tips for Optimal Stargazing Experience

For an intimate and comfortable experience of stargazing in Glacier National Park, bring a blanket to lay on the rocky terrain. As with other locations, a new moon will unveil myriad stars, while a full moon provides its own spectacle against the backdrop of St. Mary Lake.

In conclusion, Sunpoint is a fantastic choice for those seeking an easy yet awe-inspiring stargazing experience in Glacier National Park. Its convenient location and heavenly vistas make it a must-visit for every celestial enthusiast.

Two Medicine

Two Medicine Stargazing In Glacier National Park

Best Spot at Two Medicine

Two Medicine provides an enchanting backdrop for stargazing, surrounded by jagged peaks and tranquil waters. Like Sunpoint, this area offers a great vantage point for panoramic lake views and an unobstructed gaze into the cosmos.

Best Time and Season for Stargazing at Two Medicine

Like at St. Mary Lake, the best seasons for stargazing here are summer and fall. Summer offers warm, inviting nights, while autumn provides crisp, clear skies ideal for celestial viewing.

Tips for Optimal Stargazing Experience

Consider bringing a blanket to lie upon for a memorable night under the stars. This will enhance your comfort as you gaze upward. Whether it’s a new moon revealing a tapestry of stars or a full moon illuminating the landscape, Two Medicine provides an ethereal setting for both.

In summary, Two Medicine is a sublime and less-crowded alternative for stargazing in Glacier National Park. Its pristine location and optimal viewing conditions make it a celestial haven that shouldn’t be overlooked. With its unique qualities, Two Medicine is undoubtedly a stargazing destination worth exploring.


Glacier National Park offers a celestial experience like no other. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the park’s unique locations and conditions make it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the night sky. So pack your telescope and your sense of wonder, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure stargazing in Glacier National Park.

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