Weeping Wall In Glacier National Park Taken By Justin Fincher

5 Facts To Know About Weeping Wall Glacier National Park

I have been to some pretty amazing places in the United States, but nothing quite compares to the beauty of Glacier National Park. If you ever get a chance to visit, be sure to check out the Weeping Wall. It’s one of the most stunning sights in the park! The wall of water cascading down the cliff is absolutely breathtaking. Don’t forget your camera – you’ll want to capture this sight for posterity!

1. What is Weeping Wall Glacier National Park?

Looking Back At Weeping Wall
Looking back at Weeping Wall

Weeping wall is a 100 ft long waterfall area on Going-to-the-Sun Road where the water spills onto the road.

Because so many individual waterfalls cascade down this area, instead of naming every one, the park decided to name the entire wall.

2. Why Is Weeping Wall Glacier National Park Famous?

Weeping Wall In Glacier National Park
The earlier in the season you go, the more the water will be running.

Weeping Wall is famous for three reasons.

  1. Weeping Wall is located on Going-to-the-Sun Road, The most scenic road in America.
  2. The rock wall looks almost as if it is crying.
  3. You can drive your car under the falls!

3. How Does Weeping Wall Glacier National Park Work?

Weeping Wall Close Up Taken By Roy Luck
Weeping Wall close up taken by Roy Luck

Snowmelt from the peak above create streams of water that flow down onto the road.

This only happens because when Going-to-the-Sun Road was constructed, the mountain side had to be blasted away. This created a cliff for the water to fall over. Otherwise, the water would have continued down the slope as usual.

Considering Weeping Wall is a manmade phenomenon, it is still very impressive. It would have been neater if it was natural, but I would rather have seen this amazing feature then to never have at all.

4. Where Is Weeping Wall In Glacier National Park?

Weeping Wall In Glacier National Park Montana
The cars might change but Weeping Wall will be the same.

Weeping Wall is located on Going-to-the-Sun Road. From West Glacier, it is a 27.5 mile trip. From East Glacier, along Going-to-the-Sun Road the travel distance is 21 miles.

A better reference point might be Logan Pass. Weeping Wall is just a mere 3 miles from Logan Pass towards West Glacier.

5. When Is The Best Time To See Weeping Wall?

Weeping Wall Taken By B.d.'S World
Weeping Wall Drainage Taken by B.D.s world.

The best time to see Weeping Wall is in June, directly after Going-to-the-Sun Road opens up for the season. This is when the most water will be running.

Later in the season, such as mid August can work too. There just not as much water running during this time. However, true to it’s word, this is prime time to see Weeping Wall actually “weeping”.


Don’t miss this crazy sight. Weeping Wall is a landmark worth checking out for anyone driving Going-to-the-Sun Road.

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