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5 Best Sunset Spots In Glacier National Park

Sunsets in Glacier National Park, Montana are absolutely stunning. No matter where you decide to watch, the day’s end is guaranteed to be beautiful. However, if you’re in the park anyways, why not experience the best sunsets Glacier has to offer? Below are the top 5 Best sunset spots in Glacier National Park.

1. Lake McDonald Is The Best Spot To Watch The Sunset

Lake Mcdonald Sunset
Vibrant pinks reflect off of the calm waters of Lake McDonald.

Easy access, along with a wide open lake means gorgeous sunsets. This is what makes Lake McDonald the best place to watch the sunset in Glacier National Park. It’s almost poetic that this is the best spot to see the sunrise too!

Lake Mcdonald Sunset
Words can not describe how amazing the sunset on Lake McDonald is.

The vibrant pink sky dances off of the mountain peaks creating absolutely stunning views. Reflections off the water add to the ambiance, doubling the colors making the scene that much better.

Lake Mcdonald Sunset
If the worst sunsets look like this, imagine what the best ones look like.

The best spots to see the sunset on lake McDonald include Lake McDonald Lodge area, Apgar area, and any one of the boat docks lining the coast.

2. St. Mary Lake Is A Close Second Best Place To Watch The Sunset

Sunset In Glacier National Park St Mary
Deep pinks make Saint Mary Lake a close second!

Coming in at a very close second, the sunset on St. Mary Lake is phenomenal. The peaks here will be illuminated in pink, but the lake is the real show-stopper.

Looking as if the lake is on fire, the bright pink and oranges reflect almost perfectly off the glass like water.

Sunset In Glacier National Park
Reflecting of the bright orange sky are stunning.

Goose Island breaks up the sunset on Saint Mary Lake. However, this island doesn’t take away from the mystique. It only adds to the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

The best views can be found at Goose Island Overlook, as well as Sun Point.

3. Going-to-the-Sun Road Has The Most Sunset Viewing Opportunities

Sun Road Looking Into Mcdonald Valley Sunset In Glacier
A hazy sunset on Going-to-the-Sun Road.

With purely mountainous sunset views, Going-to-the-Sun Road offers so many spots in Glacier to enjoy, it’s going to be hard to decide! Take your pick from any of the pull offs along the 50-mile stretch, and be sure to get pictures!

Sun Road Sunset Sunset In Glacier
Raining in the distance while the sun says it’s final goodbye.

Skip the lower spots such as McDonald Creek and Trail of the Cedars. The best sunset spots on Going-to-the-Sun Road are going to be The Loop, Haystack Falls, Logan Pass, and Havens Peak.

Golden Sunset Going-To-The-Sun Road
The golden sunsets of Going-to-the-Sun Road are spectacular.

These spots are the best because they offer eastern exposure to the westward setting sun

Hevans Peak Sunset On Cloudy Day Sunset In Glacier National Park
Havens Peak catching the last light of the day.

My personal recommendation is Havens Peak. This enormous mountain gets drenched in pinks and oranges. This is one spot forever burned into my memory.

4. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail Is The Best Sunset Hiking Trail

Sunset At Hidden Lake Overlook
Logan Pass looks amazing even on a cloudy day.

Being so high up in the mountains along the continental divide, the colors are not as vibrant, but the views are absolutely stunning. Hidden Lake Overlook Trail offers great sunset operations. Wildlife is active during dusk, and the wildflower meadows soak in the last remaining sunlight.

Sunset In Glacier National Park
Hidden Lake sunsets are gorgeous!

At the end of the trail, the overlook is the best spot to see the sunset. The sun slips in between the mountains, shining through until the very last minute. Be sure to bring a camera, Hidden Lake Overlook is one of the best photography spots in the park!

5. Quartz Lake Offers The Best Secluded Sunsets

Quartz Lake Sunset Sunset In Glacier National Park
A peaceful sunset over Quartz Lake

Sometimes getting away from any crowds to enjoy a Glacier sunset is just what the soul needs. For that, Quartz Lake in the Many Glacier area is your destination. Being a short hike, this weeds out most people in the park during this time.

Although the sunsets here are amazing, it doesn’t compare to some others on the list which is why it comes in at number 5.

Quartz Lake Sunset Sunset In
Quartz Lake early sunset

With that said, Quartz Lake has beautiful scenery. The pink shaded peaks reflect off of the water dazzling anyone who makes the short trek.

Fish feed during this time too! So expect to see some jumping trout to add to your experience.

Wrapping Up

Experiencing a sunset at Glacier National Park is always breathtaking, regardless of your location. However, if limited to one evening, a sunset at Lake McDonald is a must-see. Its easy access, no permit requirement, and stunning views make it an ideal spot for your evening in the park.

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