Weeping Wall In Glacier National Park Taken By Justin Fincher

11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park

If you are planning to visit Glacier National park in Montana these are the 11 most amazing places to see. Be sure to check off as many as possible to get the best experience out of your visit.

1. Going-to-the-Sun Road

11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park

Driving Going-to-the-Sun Road is by far the most amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park. The most scenic road in America has so much to offer.

With a ton of pull offs and more views than Charlie Bit My Finger, Going-to-the-Sun Road could have made up this entire list. From Weeping Wall, to McDonald Creek, to Jackson Glacier Overlook, this scenic drive has it all.

If your in Glacier National Park, even for less than a day, drive Going-to-the-Sun Road. It is the most amazing thing to do in the park. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

2. Lake McDonald Boat Tour

Lake Mcdonald Boat Tour
DeSMEt is the boat used on the Lake McDonald Boat Tours

The 2nd best thing to do in Glacier National Park is to take the Lake McDonald Boat Tour. Explore everything this grandiose lake has to offer up close and personal. All while the tour guide tells you everything you’d want to know about Lake McDonald and more.

The chance of seeing wildlife on this tour is very high. Bald eagles are a common sight and the tour guide knows right where to look to give ya the best chance of seeing America’s bird.

3. Hike To Hidden Pass Overlook

Hidden Lake Overlook 11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park
The outstanding view from Hidden Lake Overlook.

Starting off at Logan Pass Visitor Center, The 3rd amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park is hike to Hidden Lake Overlook. This is the only amazing thing on Going-to-the-Sun Road I’ve decided to include on this list. And it’s easy to see why.

From Logan Pass Visitor Center, the boardwalk trail leaders through Hanging Garden, an amazing subalpine meadow. The wildflowers here are amazing.

Looking over the landscape, all the red, purple, and yellow flowers cut through the vibrant green grass.

Tiny mountain streams can be heard adding to the calming ambiance.

If you’re lucky, a mountain goat or a bighorn sheep will present itself in all it’s glory.

Once at Hidden Lake Overlook, you’re mind will be blown. Hidden lake is a very clear, ice-blue color surrounded by bright green foilage and the towering peaks of Bearhat Mountain, Clements Mountain, and Reynolds Mountain.

Facts about Hidden Lake Overlook can be said all day. However, the amazing view from here can’t be put into words. It is truly something that needs to be seen yourself.

4. Kayak Swiftcurrent Lake

Kayaks On The Dock Of Swiftcurrent Lake 11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park
Kayaks on Swiftcurrent Lake.

The Swiss like atmosphere makes kayaking Swiftcurrent Lake the 4th amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park.

Starting off as early as possible, get on your kayak and get out there! Atlyn Peak, Allen Mountain, and Mount Grinnell are all waiting to advert your gaze from the stunning waters.

Many Glacier Hotel, a Swiss chalet style building, sits on the coast of Swiftcurrent Lake. This along with the sheer cliff mountains make this area feel like it’s straight out of Switzerland.

5. Picnic At St. Mary Lake

South End Saint Mary Lake Near Rising Sun Checkpoint
Overlooking Saint Mary Lake.

Settling down and enjoying a picnic is the 5th amazing thing to do at Glacier National Park. Sun Point sits right on Saint Mary Lake and is the perfect spot for a picnic.

This lake is very picturesque. In fact, the views might even distract you from eating. That is how beautiful this spot is.

Some point on St Mary Lake is an underrated spot that should be visited. Even if you do not have a picnic here, the views are still worth making a stop and witnessing.

6. Hike Grinnell Glacier Trail

Grinnell Glacier Trail Leading To Grinnell Glacier  11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park
Looking over the ice blue water of Grinnell Glacier.

One of the best hikes in Glacier National Park, Grinnell Glacier Trail is the 6th amazing thing to do in the park. You have to see this amazing sight before it is gone forever.

Grinnell Glacier Trail offer so much to see. This is a hotspot for bears due to the concentration of huckleberries bushes along the route. It is also a great place to spot any antlered animals.

Being one of the last few glaciers in the park, Grinnell Glacier is a sight to behold. The massive ice sheet melts into a small lake that’s colder than your ex. But let me tell ya, this stunning view will still talk back and speak very loudly. All without saying a single word

7. Experience The Northern Lights Over Lake McDonald

Northern Lights Over Lake Mcdonald 11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park
Northern lights over Lake McDonald.

Being a once in a lifetime, rare experience, seeing the northern lights at Glacier National Park is the 7th amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park.

This would be up there with Going-to-the-Sun Road if it were easy to see. However, being that conditions in the solar system have to be just right to witness this phenomenon.

When the northern lights shine over Glacier National Park though, they are so breathtaking it can be life-changing.

The best spot to view the aurora borealis is Lake McDonald. That is of course if they are shining the nights you are there.

8. Backcountry Camping At Cracker Lake

Cracker Lake
Overlooking Cracker Lake.

Little compares to backcountry camping at Cracker Lake. That is why it is number 8 on the list of amazing things to do in Glacier National Park.

Weather you’re staying in the best single person tents on the market, or going with a group of friends Cracker Lake is the perfect Lake to go Backcountry camping.

Cracker lake is surrounded by steep Mountain cliffs and a lush Green Meadows making waking up in the morning a treat. Ice blue water is very cold and I would not recommend swimming but to be able to experience this amazing place it definitely warrants a spot on this list

9. Stay At Lake McDonald Lodge

Lake Mcdonald Lodge 11 Amazing Things To Do In Glacier National Park
The iconic Lake McDonald Lodge

The iconic significances of Lake McDonald Lodge makes this the 9th amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park.

Built in 19 14 Lake McDonald Lodge is a great place to stay at. It has a restaurant inside a bar and a gift shop for all your needs. Rooms book up fast so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

10. Go See The Most Popular Waterfall In The Park

Virginia Falls From Down Creek
Looking up at Virginia Falls from down creek.

With experiences unlike anything else, the 10th amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park is to see Virginia Falls.

Starting out at St Mary’s Falls Trailhead, as you can tell by the name, there is more than one waterfall on this trail. St Mary Falls the beautiful cascading Virginia Creek and Virginia Falls.

This is the perfect hike for families with young children only coming in at about 3 miles. There is a ton to see and the kids will love all the views.

11. Watch The Sunrise Over Lake McDonald

The blazing sunrise over Lake McDonald.

Some would say the best was saved for last. Watching the sunrise over Lake McDonald is the 11th most amazing thing to do in Glacier National Park.

Words can’t describe how stunning the sunrise over Lake McDonald is. It is number one on the list of best sunrises in Glacier National park. Pink and bright orange colors dance of the surface of Lake McDonald painting a truly amazing picture right before your eyes.

Most people will not be out during this time making it a perfect opportunity to experience the peaceful serenity of the mountains.

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